Class Action Lawsuits

Kansas City Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

When many individuals suffer damages from a common wrong, the KNDK Law Firm’s class action practice is ready to step in and obtain just compensation for victims. The firm has worked with attorneys across the country representing large groups of investors or insurance policyholders who were defrauded. The firm also represents consumers and businesses which have been the victims of fraud, price fixing schemes, or other anti-competitive practices.

Often, many investors come to us complaining about the same security, the same misrepresentations made by the same broker or brokerage firm, or the same inaccurate and misleading sales presentations by insurance agents. In these situations, it is more efficient to represent a large group of similarly-situated plaintiffs through a “class action” lawsuit. We have been successful in representing plaintiffs in class action lawsuits in the Midwest and in many other states.

Our firm has experience with class action suits in a number of areas of the law, including:

  • against life insurance companies for racially-discriminatory policy pricing
  • shareholders of Fortune 500 companies for ERISA-based liability, arising from the disproportionate holding of company stock in the firms’ pension plans
  • ERISA and age discrimination claims on behalf of retirees against the company, where the class’ life and health insurance benefits were reduced or eliminated
  • union members against their union for violations of the duty of fair representation related to retroactive pay owed under a new collective bargaining agreement

In December 2010, the court approved a $200,000,000 settlement for the class of Kinder Morgan shareholders in a shareholder derivative class action case was approved by the court. The case, filed in 2007, resulted in the largest settlement of a shareholder derivative case. Diane Nygaard of KNDK had been court-appointed as lead counsel for the shareholder class, along with co-counsel from another firm.

If you believe you are part of a large group of people with similar claims, call the Kansas City class action experts at KNDK Law to talk about the potential for asserting a class action suit.

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