Practice Areas

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death Lawsuits – The law considers many types of claims to be “personal injuries.” In addition to the areas listed below, these claims can involve personal injuries caused by dangerous and defective products, hazardous conditions at a store or business, or other negligence.

Medical Malpractice– Has a physician or health care provider caused you injury through their treatment or neglect?

Nursing Home Neglect – Elderly relatives are often unable to monitor or change their own care; the nursing homes where they live are obligated to provide the care they need, but sometimes they do not.

Truck Accidents – Large commercial vehicles have specific rules they must follow on the roads, and yet they are often at the root of causing major, life-altering collisions with other safer drivers.

Car Accidents – We all drive in our cars every day, usually without incident. If another driver has failed to drive with reasonable care and caused you injury, talk with us about your rights and potential damages.

 Railroad Injuries – If you were injured while working for a railroad company, you are most likely not covered by worker’s compensation but instead have a claim for compensation under a law called the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA).

Contingent Fee Business Litigation – Whether your business is small or large, there are many legal rights you have regarding your contracts, trademarks/tradenames, and ability to compete fairly. Visit this page to see a list of rights all businesses have that we can help you enforce.

Securities Litigation – We want to trust the investment agents and companies who we hire to invest our money – but sometimes that trust is misplaced and abused.

Construction Claims and Accidents – Contractors and project owners often find themselves needing to make claims against others on the project related to payment, defective work, or insurance problems.

Class Actions – When a liability issue affects a large number of people in the same way, the law provides a chance to bring a class action to serve all the claimants collectively.

Insurance Disputes – You bought the policy and paid the premiums – why won’t the insurance company pay your loss? Get us involved to take an aggressive stance with your insurer.

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